Afghan Baha’i youth who live in various parts of the world attended the many Youth Conferences held Europe and Americas.


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Afghan and Iranian Baha’is in Pakistan

Part 1

Dr. Ata’u’llah Khan

The first Afghan who heard of the Baha’i faith outside of Afghanistan was Dr. `Ata’u’llah Khan, one of Afghanistan’s first medical doctors educated outside of the country. 

Dr. `Ata’u’llah Khan heard of the faith from Mirza Abu’l-Fadl Gulpaygani around 1890s in Samarqand and soon after became a Baha’i. 

Today, more than 50 members of his family, living around the world, are Baha’is. 

Baha’i Prayer in Afghan-Persian (Dari)

Here are a number of prayers chanted by Afghans in Dari-Persian:

Afghan Poetry book review on Farda Magazine & PBS

The awaited compilation book on Afghan poets by Baha’i author Mr. Jabari has its reviews published on the famous Afghan Magazine Farda and on the PBS



Baha’i Prayers in Pashto & Dari

Baha’i Prayers in Pashto & Dari (Afghan-Persian) .

An Afghan visits the Lotus Temple

An Afghan visits the Lotus Temple in India. His picture is #12 on the Slideshow:

Book About Afghan Poets

We are excited to announce the publication of a new book about modern Afghan poets as well as a few classical Afghan poets by Mr. Behrouz Jabbari.

The books is excellent and is a must have for all Iranian/Afghan literature lovers.

Hamzabani wa Hamdili (One Tongue, One Heart) – Selected Poems of some contemporary Afghan poets.
Introduction by: Dr. Shapour Rasekh

Nawzar Ilyaas
Nadia Anjuman
Wasef Bakhtari
Berang Kohdamani
Abdul-rahman Pajwak
Parwin Pajwak
Shabgeer Poladeen
Abdul-Sameh Hamed
Khalil-ullah Khalili
Fauzia Rahgozar
Layla Sarahat Roshani
Bahar Sayyed
Qahar Aasi
Razaq Fani
Khaleda Frogh
Nadia Fazel
Zia Qaderi-Zada
Mohammad Kazem Kazemi
Sajeda Milad
Partaw Naderi
Latif Nazemi
Aziz-ullah Nahufta

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