Book About Afghan Poets

We are excited to announce the publication of a new book about modern Afghan poets as well as a few classical Afghan poets by Mr. Behrouz Jabbari.

The books is excellent and is a must have for all Iranian/Afghan literature lovers.

Hamzabani wa Hamdili (One Tongue, One Heart) – Selected Poems of some contemporary Afghan poets.
Introduction by: Dr. Shapour Rasekh

Nawzar Ilyaas
Nadia Anjuman
Wasef Bakhtari
Berang Kohdamani
Abdul-rahman Pajwak
Parwin Pajwak
Shabgeer Poladeen
Abdul-Sameh Hamed
Khalil-ullah Khalili
Fauzia Rahgozar
Layla Sarahat Roshani
Bahar Sayyed
Qahar Aasi
Razaq Fani
Khaleda Frogh
Nadia Fazel
Zia Qaderi-Zada
Mohammad Kazem Kazemi
Sajeda Milad
Partaw Naderi
Latif Nazemi
Aziz-ullah Nahufta


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